Spring Home Make Over Tips

The cold season’s almost over, and it’s time to usher in the new season. To prep your house for the arrival of the season of bloom, here are a few things to get you started.

Let the light in

Now that the snow and the cold is almost gone, it’s time to open your windows and lose the the heavy drapes and thick fabrics of your furnishings. Let the light into your house to chase the winter gloom away. Your house has been closed up to keep the cold out. So now that winter’s over, allow fresh air to circulate in your home.

Hide heavy winter textiles

It’s time to store away your thick, cozy rugs, heavy curtains, thick tablecloths, bedskirts, pillows, etc. and replace them with sheer materials. Go for printed, plain or embroidered sheer designs.

Re-orient your house’s focus

In winter, your furniture – your entire house – is probably oriented towards the fireplace. But since you won’t be needing the heat anymore, it’s time to change the focus of your house – towards your garden and the scenery outside.

An inviting porch

The mild spring weather allows you to spend plenty of time outside so spruce up your porch and enjoy the outdoors. If you do not have a porch, you can give your living room an outdoor feel by placing garden chairs and fabrics with floral prints.

Fresh flowers

Now that real flowers are in bloom, you can hide your silk flower arrangements and replace them with fresh flowering plants. The plants and flowers add color and breathe life into areas of your house that were dulled by the winter.

Change your accessories

Give your furnishings a make over. Give your shelves a complete wipe down and bring out your most vibrant home decors, like colorful vases and china. It’s also a good idea to put your collections on display – like picture frames or tea sets.

Clean up

They don’t call it spring cleaning for nothing. Check your home for areas that are way too cluttered and fix it up. Most home stores offer storage products that you can use to keep the stuff that clutters your house.

Your fireplace is also one thing that you have to sweep clean. Get rid of the winter ashes and bring in plants, a candle arrangement or a display of nice logs.

Sweep off the steps

Your front door is your ‘welcome’ area. Bring the spring feel to your doorsteps by cleaning it up. In fact, why not give your entire front lawn a good clean sweep. Wash the door and windows. Repaint them if you have to. If you have a big porch, decorate it with pots of flowering plants.

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